*LOUD NOISES* (Uncommon Breed 0.06 Release - 0.05 Now Free)

I've been sitting at this desk for like... ever. My back hurts.



TLDR: New stuff, warnings,  and other stuff.

New Stuff!

  • More story!
  • Rein's BIG surprise is unveiled with this update. 
    • I also updated his clothed/unclothed art and made a bunch of new expressions.
  • The new combat system is live !  
    • Rotating turns, updated spells, targeting system, and more!
    • The previous combat system will remain part of the story before this update (I didn't want to rip out those fights and the story that was part of them).
  • Cherry Blossom title screen - I just really like this.


  • I jammed a lot of work into this drop and I'm pretty happy with it; however, I do plan to polish this chapter a bit more in the future. Things such as:
    • Cleaning the UI
    • Balancing combat
    • Cleaning the spell animations
    • Probably other stuff but I'm really really tired :D

Other stuff.

  • Apologies for being a bit late. I underestimated how much work it would be to keep the story update its normal size + new combat/art stuff.
  • I've been thinking of how to increase the game's exposure so I can pursue developing Uncommon Breed and other furry games full time. So you'll be seeing an ad on furaffinity for Uncommon Breed soon! Moreover, if any of you have suggestions, such as where to advertise or how to increase exposure in general, let me know :)
  • We hit $400 on patreon! Thank you for all the support. I'm not sure how to say things without it sounding too sappy so just know you've awoken a beast who's truly passionate about developing (+ drawing/ writing)  for you guys.

Ok, bye!

-Bytes that might be a fox.

(Enjoy the naked Rein!)


Android_UB_00.06.00.apk 105 MB
Jun 10, 2018
UB_0.06_MAC.zip 69 MB
Jun 10, 2018
UB_0.06_x86.zip 64 MB
Jun 10, 2018
UB_0.06x86-64.zip 66 MB
Jun 10, 2018

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