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Warning this game contain: Fantasy Violence , Sexual Content

Copied from my Patreon 

Hey guys, I’m FoxBytez. I’m really into software development and sharing my, sometimes outlandish, ideas through the games I create. The dream is to forge a game studio capable of helping others follow their own aspirations. Whether it be art, animating, modeling, coding, story writing… there’s so much that goes into building games and I’d love to create a home for those passionate about their craft.
But that’s end game. The short term goal is being able to work on Uncommon Breed and similar games full time.

Current Project
At the moment, I’m working on the RPG / Visual Novel, Uncommon Breed. In this game, your relationships affect both story and combat! Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a couple of well equipped mercenaries:

Esonver: The Great Wolf Lobster Artist
TΔIKAH: The Brilliant Tiger Graphics Designer

These two talented individuals have have helped me bring a new level of quality to the game and your support helps me pay for their art/services.
At the moment, I update the game at least once a month. If I’m ever able to work on it full time, you can expect 2+ updates a month.

More than a visual novel
One of my core motivations for making Uncommon Breed was to learn the ins and outs of Unity (a Game Development Engine) with the intent of making more interactive/complex games in the future. This is why Uncommon Breed has and will continue to evolve as I take what I learn and apply it to the game. Examples of this are:

A segmented dating world in which you can travel between multiple rooms and have brief conversations with the main characters. These conversations affect their affection towards you, the story, and the combat.

Combat world
RPG style, turn based combat system with your relationships affecting combat. Did you say the right things to Grizz, the burly bear tank? His defense capabilities increased! What about Reinhard, the X Bounty Hunter? His shots are gonna start hitting really hard! 

Questing System
In the works! Quests will mainly come from the PUB.

The story
Get plopped into the shoes of a developing hero character and bring together a band of outlaws to save your home. Strengthen your personal relationships and find that strength translates into your battles together. Get to know and romance them but be wary of leaving the strength of your other teammates behind!

My Patreon page is set up with the Charge Up Front (CUF) model.

This means New patrons will be charged when they first sign up.

If you pledge late in the month, say the 28th, you’ll be charged on the day you sign up and the beginning of the next payment cycle (the 1st of every month). This makes it best to pledge at the beginning of the month to avoid being charged back to back.
This is patreons way of helping alleviate content theft and helps your exclusive rewards remain exclusive!
Current patrons are unaffected.


Patron download link:


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this Uncommon Breed you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

10.0 Android 272 MB
10.0 Mac 154 MB
10.0 Windows 147 MB

Download demo

DEMO Android (4.3+ Required) 185 MB
DEMO Android (Lower quality, only use if lagging) 186 MB

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Every time I load a saved game it crashes. Help? 

for some reason I can't play the game. When I am in the tutorials I am stuck in the combat scene and the top of the screen seems glitched.  


Im not trying to be a dick but why are these updates so small there less than 2 minutes of content per update and get nowhere there should be like 5x more than this i really like this vn but these updates are too little and slow for the amount of writing that get put into each update

If I bought version 8.0 but now 9.0 is out, do I have to pay another $5 to see the new update?

Typically, once you've bought a game, you can just log into your account and go to the game's download page without paying. The latest version should be there.

you ever considered putting this up on steam, or are ya just waiting for it to be finished if you ever would?


Does the game include NSFW content?

what was this update about?


do you pay each time for every update or just once and you keep getting updates?


Well, sir... I had been wondering why you did the change of paid long ago, I am here since the first updates and since some months this game turned with a demo and then the full one, meaning that as for me i have the old version with more story than the demo one, which means that before these months you did an update for the paid version which had the all the new things and the free version had the update of the previous version of the actual game. My apologise if this text can't be understood and if i hurt the feeling of the people...


i wish its free .. * look sad and walk away 


god forbid he can eat while he makes this.


Dude... also please, make a separate mode where u can start off the game with or without all the fighting... I just want to date some sexy furries on a game!

U need to make these fights easier!!!

I'm pissed cus I can't get past the fight with the lion and the bear when helping Gear!

We all keep dying!

I just wanna get past this so I can romance the guys!


git gud

Is there a way to transfer saves from mobile  to pc?

I bought the game because I liked him a lot but now he does not start and he closes all by himself what I have to do?

Loved the game so much I bought it twice :D

If I were to buy this game , can I download it to different laptops with only one purchase or I need to purchase the game everytime I download the game?

As long as you have an account, which you have, you won't have to constantly buy it. Just click on your account and find were your purchased games are stored, then continue from there.

If you return to this page, it'll still ask you to pay up, so do it from your profile if you own the game.

Hello foxbytez, I recently bought and downloaded the game for my LG pad, but on the tutorial and on one of the battles on day 3 or 4 it crashes so is it a problem others had a problem with or is it just me?

Question, do u have to buy the game multiple times for new updates or get it once but have to re download it?

No. Once you purchase the game, the download link you get via email will always contain the latest update for the game.

Thanks for telling me

I've got a question. At the part of answering the riddle of who is P, must I get the correct answer to progress? Because I've seen a video answered wrongly and it went straight into battle. But I can't even do that. Is it cap sensitive or a bug or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

I'm having the same problem. And someone else's comment is that when they open the Pub room, when we go back, it doesn't allow us to answer at all anymore.

Polar.  His name is polar.  I kinda winged it and got it first try and was like oh...that was dandy

Thanks for giving the answer. But unfortunately, I used that as my 1st answer too and nothing happened. Even all caps and all not caps.

Again, I did the same thing. I even tried various other things, like "Polar Bear" "polar bear" "POLAR BEAR" "Bear" "bear" "BEAR", etc. with no results.

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Just Polar.  But it is possible that the question could be a different one.  id have to replay again.

I bought and tried version 8.0 on Windows and Android. On Windows: it freezes during the fight tutorial, on Android: it freezes at the load screen right after the fight tutorial.

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hi there i just bought the game and tried to play but  as soon as i finish the tutorial it loads all the way to the end and then stays like that on the loaded page can anyone help me , i just deleted everything and reinstalled multiple times i would appreciate it if you could fix it (otherwise i would like a refund since i cant even play what i have paid for) thank you

Hey, so I just bought the game but I can't get past the tutorial without the game bugging out and freezing on me. the save, home, and file buttons work, but I'll be stuck at gear and the shadow character with no text, can anyone help me?

Hey, sorry about the troubles. I would suggest reinstalling the game and seeing if that fixes the issue. If not, try deleting everything in the save folders and reinstalling.

For Android this folder should be similar to the path: Android/data/com.panickedfoxgames.uncommonbreed/files 

 for Windows: AppData\LocalLow\Panicked Fox Games\Uncommon Breed

sorry but I deleted and tried reinstalling but still having the same issues, I love the concept if your visual novel/game but the android version is way too buggy


I loved the demo part of the game and I really want the full version, but can't buy it. Will it ever be free? If not... rip. If so, any estimate for a date? Thank you!

if you are doing for android, I wouldn't suggest it. It's buggy as hell on android atm.

(1 edit)

ok for android this game is buggy as hell. I now can't open my auto load and it takes me back to the title.

hi I need some help every time I start it it gets buggy in the beginning and then shuts down any advice would be appreciated thanks 


I love the game, but I can't seem to beat the mages that are in the way of finding gears grandfather, I keep seeing love combos being mentioned when I die, can someone please explain it to me? 

this game is awesome..including RPG element.is the MC in development? .i wish the protagonist is HUMAN:).

The MC?

im sorry.i mean main character is in development?.i wish it's a Human character:)..these game is awesome:).will the quest be available?

Cant install apk keep getting "app not installed" im on a samsung galaxy s8 android version p

i need help

nvm fixed it by disabling play protect seems as though your coming in as not trusted now

Glad you got it working! Not sure what's happening with the untrusted issue.


When I finish battling the mage who has black magic they disappear beside Juleon and then the reappear when gear took off to find his gramps. Then My character, rein, Grizz, and Juleon went to the dungeon to help gear find his gramps they disappear again beside Juleon.

Deleted post

Hey, I'm confused about the issue. There are some scenes where this is done intentionally. Can you give me an example of when someone disappears and reappears? 


some of the characters are disappearing and the at some scene it reappear and disappears again. can someone help me with this problem. i have a windows computer


this is where reinhard supposed to be but hes not there at all

Oh, so you mean he's not in the pub world! That's odd. Thanks for clarifying. I'll look into this.


And also I’m the story mode as well please do I really enjoy your game

hi idk if anyone else is having this problem but is anyone able to get past day 7 when you fight the scorpion? cause when the battle starts and it shows the main protagonist attacks it wont do anything at all it a little irritating so if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it

Hey, were you able to get past this part? I haven't seen this issue yet. What spell are you using before it breaks? Who is in the party? A screenshot would be awesome! My suggestion for now might be to revert to a previous save. 


im still not able to get past it and honestly have no clue as to how

Hey, it looks like the fights isn't loading properly for you. Sorry about that! As a temporary fix I'd suggest creating a new game and using the skip button to speed to where you were. I know it's not ideal and apologize again for that being the intermediate solution while I look into the issue.

It’s fine I know everything can’t be 100% and i know your giving the best you can and I appreciate that a lot 😁 but there is another thing idk if it’s just on my computer but sometimes when I’m on a loading screen it’ll get stuck on there for minutes i waited 15-20 min to make sure but it still wouldn’t load again idk if it’s just on my computer or on others 

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Hello so I spend more than 5 dollars on this game, for now, but I can't get the update. My account confirms that I have it. I can also purchase it again, no problem... ;)

I guess you have to purchase new updates? So this was no big deal but after finishing the download I can't seem to be able to install the update. I have the app installed.

I'd quite like to get a response on that!

Hey, I'm not sure how to help you on the install. The best advice I could give you is to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. Possibly try clearing app data / permissions when uninstalling. 

Okay, I just reinstalled the game and it's working.

Yo this game is stellar. The difference compared to 6 months ago to now is insane and y'all are killin it!! ESPECIALLY with such a small team. I'm super impressed and I'm super excited to see what more is in store! (P.S. Grizz is my favorite. Big bears are just too good)

Oh and! As an aspiring game dev, I would love to help in any way! Even if it was just editorial things for the script, just let me know. This game's got potential and I wanna help it be the best it can be! (Don't worry, I'll still support it regardless of if you respond or don't)

Is this game 18 plus? , becuase if so i'll purchase the game.

Yeap! Comes with the whole package, literally :)

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I'm having issues on Android vversion

This black blur always happen when i finish the tutorial

what are the controls on this game can anyone tell me plz

It's usually just left-click and spaceto continue text and interact with the HUD, oh and I also think enter works as well!

(1 edit) (+2)

Um I just want to ask you would kindly GIVE ME A HINT! on that riddle Im trying so hard to find clues 


Happy i'm not the only person at that point. XD

Try to make out what his species looks like, that is the answer!

I've enjoyed the game so far it seems like it has an intresting story behind it and some really nice art

keep up the wonderful work uncommon Breed team  

Thanks for the support!

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