Uncommon Breed 0.04 Update



A ton of work went into getting this ready. I hope you guys enjoy and thanks for being patient! 

Your previous saves won't work on this version (as I scrapped the previous version's entire code base) but there's now a skip button so it shouldn't be too painful :)

Brief summary of additions:

  • Subtle character idle animations
  • More spell effects
  • More story
  • Entire UI rework
  • Improved saving function
  • Other stuff I'm forgetting 
  • A skip button

As always, let me know what you think and report bugs!

Let me know if the boss fight is too easy ;]

The previous version is now available to the public for free.

OK Bye!

-Bytes of a Fox

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So, is it possible for the boss fight to be impossible and you to need to play though again with different affections?  I am not sure affection did anything for gear's fighting despite him being my focus...I might just suck but I tried like 10 times with different strategies and cannot seem to manage it :/

Gears path is currently the hardest path as I haven't implemented the extra shock chance for his affection. I tested each path to make sure it was beatable but I'll definitely admit Gear's requires a little more luck then others :3 


I had a feeling there was some luck involved, well, I shall get back to throwing myself at it until my luck prevails xD