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When I go to the downloads, all show version 19 apart from Windows which is version 15 (from Nov 2019) :/

To be honest,I would pay and buy one if I can use paypal or I have credit card

Is this game a SCAM like Blackgate?

Development log hasn't been updated in 95 days so can't even tell what's going on


Just noticed that it updated to version 18.... what was the update about? can't see it at the dev log


I cant even play on my mac

just my windows laptop and phone

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When the creator blocks all the real comments -_-


Yup. It's just indicative of where this game is going. They don't want people to know they'd be wasting their money.


I bought it and it won't start


Can someone tell me when will this game update and the game update schedule please?


Just got to the current end of one of the paths. I'm so excited to try the others and for more content. I think combat is one of my favorite parts of the game. It's challenging but fun. My only issue is there's no text log to look back on if I do a misclick, but frequent saves can prevent that so it's not too big a deal. Can't wait to see future updates, keep up the good work!! Thank you for the great game

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I really like the concept for this game. However, it has a few problems that bothered me a bit, such as several parts of the dialog having double words (yes, it's a simple mistake, but happens way too many times), the unbalanced battle system where, for some weird reason, one of the characters deal 200 dmg while the others are dealing 3-6, and what annoyed me the most was how I found myself wanting to punch the characters a few times for their inconsistency of behavior. In one moment they are telling you that you can do it and ou are cool and the next they are calling you a kid and treating you like a bother. There's no plot development whatsoever and the fact that the enemies are mostly shown as nothing but a black silhouette even though the MC sees them clearly and describes what they look like, feels lazy. Also, would be cool if the MC actually had a face


I can answer one of your concerns, at least. The “one character does more damage“ bug is a feature. Depending on which route you choose that love interest will deal more damage in battle.

I used to be a patron of his, but it's true, there's too few content (character development especially) for each route, in one year of updates even, and not much of it either.

I wonder if this is turning into another soap opera aka Blackgate. I hope not for everyones sake...

I also wish the MC had a face. Would make everything happening seem less distant and more real instead. But if they create one he hopefully isn't human! (One of the reasons I don't really like EA. I'm glad Stormsinger fixed that with Morenatsu Homecoming.)

What is your favorite character?

The problem with that "feature" is that it renders all the other characters, including the MC, pointless in combat because that one character will one shot every single enemy. It's dumb and boring.

I haven't played Morenatsu Homecoming yet 

As for your question, I don't really have a favorite character because I didn't really enjoy any of the love interests, but if I had to pick the one that annoyed me the least, I'd say Gear or the Bartender dude.

I never experienced that an attack of my love interest, Gear, killed anyone instandly.

Morenatsu Homecomeing is not finished at all, so waiting on that is okay. Morenatsu on the other hand is finished for a long time.

Ah, I see, well Gear is my favorite too. I like characters like him the most anyway, but my favorite character of any VN I played so far is Tyson (Password). He is the bad boy of this world. 

Do you have a favorite visual novel then?

I REALLY enjoy Human Cargo. Specially Zed and the Captain paths. It has the right amount of sentiment and kinkiness that suits my tastes haha. I also enjoy Lagoon Lounge and am currently following Tavern of Spear.

You haven't played many yet, I assume.

I played an earlier version of Human Cargo and quite liked it. Funny, I played these routes aswell.

Lagoon Lounge is already on my long list, as is Tavern of Spear. There are older games like Nekojishi I want to play first.

Deleted 38 days ago

Update pls

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This game has potential, but it has some pretty big flaws. Story and Combat are big ones, but I feel that story is more important  in the long run. The biggest problem is there is basically no pacing or real world building. its hard to get invested in the characters when the world and threat that is being faced has little development outside what is important for the character specifically. Just a little bit of non important world building would really help make the world feal more real and the quest more important. Pacing is another problem as you go from a cruel but mistaken mage that shows how in danger the town is, to not long after finding yourself in the middle of enemy lands with little build up. outside of these, there are other issues too, but they arent as important. 

Hope you don't mind that I looked at your profile. You seem like a smart guy. and I totally agree with your complains, that's why.

Well, I see you are pretty new. Are you interested in other (gay) visual novels? You propably already know about a bunch anyway, but do you know like 50? ;)

Your profile doesn't tell much...

I'm using
but Mac update itsn't working(still  14.0.0 ver)

Hey, what do you mean it's not working?

still there's no 'Update' ico

The Mac update isnt working whatsoever

Hey, what version are you running. 15.0.0 or 15.0.4?

15.0.4, my mac says "the application '15.0.4" can't be opened." and thats literally it.

Mine too! 15.0.4 can not be opened


What MacOS Version are you running?
MacOS 10.15 and newer don't support 32-Bit-Libraries anymore.

Maybe the Devs might need to take that into consideration when "baking" the MacOS Version in Unity.

Cheers and hope it gets fixed.


I was patron, but the slow pacing story for each route every couple month is...


I think it's a pity that the developer stopped releasing public updates... 


Well, it's only kind of true. After all not many people would like supporting as much as with'em.

I was patron, but stopped being one, after a while, when I realized only one route receives an update per month.

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Needs more content each update takes way to long and the amount of content doesn't match the time it takes for a new update it feels like a black gate situation while I'll say there more content per update in this then black gate (and that's not saying much) there needs to be more. In all honesty I think you should drop the fighting mechanics all together if that's where your attentions is cause the days are way to short and rushed it's hard to feel a connection to the characters when there's so little content


with the newest version, every time after I finish the first battle, the game goes to a Juleon loading screen. The bar fills up and nothing happens. Clicking and pressing space and enter doesn’t work. Also the saving system is really really inconvenient especially if you’re trying to run multiple routes at once. 


Honestly the game feels really shaky in terms of quality. The art is great, but the UI design and overall mechanics feel like low quality. Its really easy to make the game bug out, and the UI system is a maze all on its own sometimes. The conversation system, atleast thats what I assume it is seems super out of place in how its used. I was in the middle of being "killed" and I pressed a flashing beer mug next to my screen ands suddenly we were all drinking and talking, like. IDK this game just feels so unfinished.


is there a free to play version? I find this game absolutely beautiful.


Sadly I can't buy it


This update won't open 


I like the game but i have issues with the saving for example scrolling through 20 pages of save file too find where you left off from the previous build it can be a real headache going to your last save.


Will definitely buy if i ever see it on steam. Cool game from the looks of the demo


yeah I wold love to see this on steam as well. along with a lot of other games on here. 


In order to be on steam, it has to meet some requirements that would put restrictions on what this game can show and do. It would likely end up being another NekoJishi situation where the game IS on steam but the steam version is heavily revised and all NSFW content is completely removed, the story re-written slightly so as to keep it "appropriate" 

I beg to differ, ElevatorVibes,  since Steam does support NSFW content now as I have seen on the FREE Game "Blood and Lust" which included a NSFW Scene on the path I was playing through it.

Also you can now chose in the Preferences in Steam whether or not you want to include Games, that Show Adult Erotic/Sexual Content or not.

So, I think this should be no problem, unless other requirements prevent Game Developers from uploading their Games there (would be interesting to know which ones that might be then?).

Cheers and enjoy the cool Games on here and Steam.


Ah I see. TY for the clarification.


Loved the game , loved the character styles and personalitie and the battle system is fun. But something that annoyed me is that the "save" button only autosaves... i wish there was a way to overwrite save files so i don't have to scroll around tons of save data to find the one i want. And if there is a way already, my bad, just please teach me how :).


Or a button to find the log of the conversations... didn't find it too...

Is there any way to buy this game besides using a paypal account or credit card? I would love to download this if we have those things..


Curious: it tells me new chat options are at the pub yet, all I get is bye. Did I do something wrong?


will the full game be available to play for free for android?

Um I'm having playing in general like I start a new game get to the tutorial part then after the crazy flower guy appears it just crashes pls explain?


I really want to see more of grizz. And hope for real sex scenes, not black screens. 

Also I would like to see the option to create our own custom character(the player).


Hi. What should I do? At day 9, a text message disappears with a Grezz conversation and nothing else happens.


Looking alright so far.

I hope you'll soon add an identity to the player character, so that he's not just a heart icon in combat. On top of that it'll open up the possibility of adding more art, so far it's all VN portraits. Trust a thirsty guy when he says more saucy stuff will help you with getting more support.

The game was apparently uploaded 7 months ago, makes me wonder how long it'll take for you to complete it, given how far I could go with the paid version... I mean I haven't gotten to seeing anyone hard yet and a lot of NPCs don't have an appearance.


Hello, if I buy the game, do I have access to the future update or will I have to pay again to get them?

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U have access to future updates


so we waited a month for 2mb of content.... Are you becoming blackgate


Add sex mini game where u actually have to stroke and touch one of them in special places to get them aroused and make them cum.


When's the next update I'm hanging on a cliffhanger

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Greetings. Recently purchased but I had no idea the game would be as in-depth as it is. Would love to support more financially now that I've caught up to where you are in development. This project is wonderful!

Edit: I subscribed to your Patreon ❤️


whats the Name of the polar bear at day 5????? I have 30 seconds for the answer


It's NOT Pat or Paul...

What type of bear is he?

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