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Will definitely buy if i ever see it on steam. Cool game from the looks of the demo

yeah I wold love to see this on steam as well. along with a lot of other games on here. 


Loved the game , loved the character styles and personalitie and the battle system is fun. But something that annoyed me is that the "save" button only autosaves... i wish there was a way to overwrite save files so i don't have to scroll around tons of save data to find the one i want. And if there is a way already, my bad, just please teach me how :).

Or a button to find the log of the conversations... didn't find it too...

Is there any way to buy this game besides using a paypal account or credit card? I would love to download this if we have those things..

Curious: it tells me new chat options are at the pub yet, all I get is bye. Did I do something wrong?

will the full game be available to play for free for android?

Um I'm having playing in general like I start a new game get to the tutorial part then after the crazy flower guy appears it just crashes pls explain?


I really want to see more of grizz. And hope for real sex scenes, not black screens. 

Also I would like to see the option to create our own custom character(the player).


Hi. What should I do? At day 9, a text message disappears with a Grezz conversation and nothing else happens.


Looking alright so far.

I hope you'll soon add an identity to the player character, so that he's not just a heart icon in combat. On top of that it'll open up the possibility of adding more art, so far it's all VN portraits. Trust a thirsty guy when he says more saucy stuff will help you with getting more support.

The game was apparently uploaded 7 months ago, makes me wonder how long it'll take for you to complete it, given how far I could go with the paid version... I mean I haven't gotten to seeing anyone hard yet and a lot of NPCs don't have an appearance.


Hello, if I buy the game, do I have access to the future update or will I have to pay again to get them?

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U have access to future updates


so we waited a month for 2mb of content.... Are you becoming blackgate


Add sex mini game where u actually have to stroke and touch one of them in special places to get them aroused and make them cum.


When's the next update I'm hanging on a cliffhanger

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Greetings. Recently purchased but I had no idea the game would be as in-depth as it is. Would love to support more financially now that I've caught up to where you are in development. This project is wonderful!

Edit: I subscribed to your Patreon ❤️


whats the Name of the polar bear at day 5????? I have 30 seconds for the answer


It's NOT Pat or Paul...

It would be really cool to have almost like a character creation system. In the begining when i was following the rein route i thought there was one because the player picked up the carved statue and i thought the game was gunna "ask" the player what to look like. And if the player were to say or think something, a small sprite of the players head would appear next to the text box and show various emotion. Would be cool and maybe add more complexity to the story by showing, as what the sims call it, woohoo scenes that actually have the player in it. 

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Hello, I'm really enjoying the game so far and can't wait for more. I bought it 2 months ago and have been playing it fine until today. It puts me into the demo and I can't access the regular game at all. I uninstalled but it only gives me the option to download the demo. Not sure where to go from there lol. Thank you.

Edit: Fixed it by visiting itchio website and downloading the zip instead playing it from the itchio app.


Awesome! Thanks for posting your fix.

Hello FoxBytez, I wanted to inform you that I've downloaded your recent update (android) and it won't let me get pass de class selection. I've already installed  and unistalled the game many times but it won't let me get pass that point. I have also erased everything and re-download it again many times. I would appreciate if you could help me out. I really want to play your game and give all the support that I can give you also from want I could play, the game is beautiful and full of potential. Thank you for dedicating your time in reading this. I wish the best of luck in all your proyects.


Hey, you mean it won't go past picking a class (lovemancer, ECT...) a bit into the game? 


Yes. Once I pick the class and the screen goes to load to prepare for the fight. It won't load, it just crashes. Thank you for answering.


Hey, I'm looking into this. Is it if you choose any class? Are you using the start new game without tutorial button or the original start game button? Did it work previously (prior to this update were you able to get past this point).

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It happens with any class, i'm using the start new game without tutorial button. And from the previous update, I couldn't get pass the 2nd fighting scene. It just didn't load. 

Edit: So today I had the chance to play the game with the tutorial and it works. I can pick a class and fight, so if anyone has a problem with that, just re-do your game by playing from the begining but without skipping the tutorial.

P.S. It works with every class.

I have this game on Android. I died at the first fight against 2 enemies, then the save button got pressed on accident and lost all my progress and had to start over. I was just planning on rolling with autosaves but it seems that got overwritten on the you died screen. Maybe dont make it an option to save after a fight starts? The buttons are really small, the tip of my thumb is the size of two of them.

I like the game so far and I'll probably just restart it at some point. Kinda wish the rein NSFW scene was drawn out though :3

I agree. He's my current favorite, but I do love Gear's personality.

Can someone tell me where the location of the save files are?

Android wont go past the tutorial

Every time I load a saved game it crashes. Help? 

for some reason I can't play the game. When I am in the tutorials I am stuck in the combat scene and the top of the screen seems glitched.  


Im not trying to be a dick but why are these updates so small there less than 2 minutes of content per update and get nowhere there should be like 5x more than this i really like this vn but these updates are too little and slow for the amount of writing that get put into each update

If I bought version 8.0 but now 9.0 is out, do I have to pay another $5 to see the new update?

Typically, once you've bought a game, you can just log into your account and go to the game's download page without paying. The latest version should be there.

you ever considered putting this up on steam, or are ya just waiting for it to be finished if you ever would?


Does the game include NSFW content?

what was this update about?


do you pay each time for every update or just once and you keep getting updates?


Well, sir... I had been wondering why you did the change of paid long ago, I am here since the first updates and since some months this game turned with a demo and then the full one, meaning that as for me i have the old version with more story than the demo one, which means that before these months you did an update for the paid version which had the all the new things and the free version had the update of the previous version of the actual game. My apologise if this text can't be understood and if i hurt the feeling of the people...


i wish its free .. * look sad and walk away 


god forbid he can eat while he makes this.


Dude... also please, make a separate mode where u can start off the game with or without all the fighting... I just want to date some sexy furries on a game!

U need to make these fights easier!!!

I'm pissed cus I can't get past the fight with the lion and the bear when helping Gear!

We all keep dying!

I just wanna get past this so I can romance the guys!


git gud

Is there a way to transfer saves from mobile  to pc?

I bought the game because I liked him a lot but now he does not start and he closes all by himself what I have to do?

Loved the game so much I bought it twice :D

If I were to buy this game , can I download it to different laptops with only one purchase or I need to purchase the game everytime I download the game?

As long as you have an account, which you have, you won't have to constantly buy it. Just click on your account and find were your purchased games are stored, then continue from there.

If you return to this page, it'll still ask you to pay up, so do it from your profile if you own the game.

Hello foxbytez, I recently bought and downloaded the game for my LG pad, but on the tutorial and on one of the battles on day 3 or 4 it crashes so is it a problem others had a problem with or is it just me?

Question, do u have to buy the game multiple times for new updates or get it once but have to re download it?

No. Once you purchase the game, the download link you get via email will always contain the latest update for the game.

Thanks for telling me

I've got a question. At the part of answering the riddle of who is P, must I get the correct answer to progress? Because I've seen a video answered wrongly and it went straight into battle. But I can't even do that. Is it cap sensitive or a bug or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

I'm having the same problem. And someone else's comment is that when they open the Pub room, when we go back, it doesn't allow us to answer at all anymore.

Polar.  His name is polar.  I kinda winged it and got it first try and was like oh...that was dandy

Thanks for giving the answer. But unfortunately, I used that as my 1st answer too and nothing happened. Even all caps and all not caps.

Again, I did the same thing. I even tried various other things, like "Polar Bear" "polar bear" "POLAR BEAR" "Bear" "bear" "BEAR", etc. with no results.

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Just Polar.  But it is possible that the question could be a different one.  id have to replay again.

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