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As I understand it, day 14 (before the battle with Zephyr) is the last thing in this novel.
Positive: an interesting story, there are memorable characters. The visual is different for everyone, but I liked it.
Negative: The implementation, the presentation of the story is bad. The dialogues seemed to be written with a difference of several weeks. The choices you make are not felt. Their consequences are not felt. If you choose a character and build a relationship with him, then literally after a couple of scenes there is a feeling that you are seeing each other for the first time. The transition between scenes is also so-so. Battle scenes are not needed in this game. If you cut them out, nothing will change.
If the author ever completes this novel (or rather reworks it), pays attention to reviews and criticism, then honor and glory to him.

Comprei o jogo baixei na versão Android mais  quando eu começo a jogar ele fecha

Qualquer coisa baixa a versão de windows e joga pelo joiplay, não vai ser a mesma coisa mas você vai conseguir jogar eu acho e se der certo pode me dizer o que achou? Estou pensando em comprar mas estou indeciso...

hey guys

someone can help me?

i bought the game but it doesn't open, i tried to look for something similar here in the comments and found but still didn't open so, someone knows what to do? (My  mac version is masOs Monterey version 12.5.1)

I believe the app store is different from Apple iphones it should be In your settings or files manager you will have to allow access from apps not associated with apple or it should say install app from unknown sources

I sincerely hope you somehow asked for a refund. This projects seems to have been abandoned without the creator telling anybody publicly.I doubt he will fix any bugs or compatibility issues in the future.

Do you have Chinese


is mc human?


Is there a guide anywhere?


I think this VN is nice but for rich people only.. Hhhhe. Not for the poor.. Hyss


Hey Kiddo! You're not supposed to be here! 😱 Go back in your bed. 🤣


nahhhhhh!!!!!! im not a kiddd...

Well hope at some point in the future the developer will continue with this game. Only comment is ive been playing Grizz path but when you get to the parts with Koa its like you and Grizz never happened, and has no interest in you anymore.  Where did the love go :(


I feel like what wad the point of updating in the current bugs werent even fixed. I would rather have heard this game was being put to a halt because of another game being worked on rather than putting out something that's half finished and still full of bugs. People cant even play the android version cause it constantly crashes and. The game cost $5 on top of that. No hate but again it would have made more sense to say this game is beeing put on hold and then to come back and actually fix all the bugs and crashes when your ready.


The android Vers doesnt work :(

No updates? :(


The developer probably doesn't care anymore since his now main project Lust promises bigger revenue (active Patreon membership required to play; yes, that's rent DRM for an early alpha single player game). He even disabled comments there on itch just to (allegedly) silence criticism. He probably will do this here since I mentioned it.

His last comment was 10 months ago in here? So yeah.

And yes, this whole story left me a bit tilted. Sorry, developer.


Patreon has up to UB 40. Seems the creator decided against updating the page.


Version 40 is three months old.


Well, i really hope he cont to update the game

Hello, anyone heard if the day 14 is an issue or just the last bit of the story so far?


what just happened to day 14 it's looks like it's stuck


The game stops advancing at day 14 for me. Hope to see it get fixed soon.

Why the android keeps crashing? When is it gonna be fixed?

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Still can't play the android version of the game cause Everytime I tried to start a new game it always crash for me hope that the android game crashing problem will be fixed soon so that I can play the android version of this game smoothly on my real me c11 Android phone

Same here :/


I can't seem to load my save files... When I click yes, the game just does nothing



Anyone else stuck on Android Day 12?

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I stuck in day 14 and game doesn't go futher. 

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I manage to run it nvm, great game!

uuh is there anything besides unity needed to run this game on windows? once I get through the tutorial battle the game becomes unresponsive

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ub39 btw. The game is still playable (if I choose the no-tutorial option), but might be something worth looking into. I also can't seem to load autosaves.


Is there a guide anywhere?


If I buy the game and its updates doni have to buy the updated  version  of the game?

No, just when selecting the download choose the option that you've bought this game before. Then the site will send you an email to your with a redownload list of this game and all other games you've bought off this site

ok thank you


is there going to be a chat log? cause my brain is really bad at recalling what was asked before making a decision 


So my question for this game is can I be a hoe. Can I romance more than one person or does trying screw up my chances with certain NPC.


just do it in real life

Ahh. If only, if only, alas I am taken.

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what the hell......... u do u, and uh maybe about the being a hoe part i haven't played in like 1 year so idk

I'm playing on android and it crashes constantly. I cant even get past the tutorial cause the screen goes black

I just figured out, that doing the dungeons to level-up the characters is "somewhat" crucial in order to progress in the

But it looks really promising - will the dark/empty sprites still be filled at some point of the development, btw.? Or are they just "shadows" to represent "anonymous NPCs" and intended to stay that way?

I have downloaded it twice and both times it wouldn't open. It says, code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found.




My Android game keeps crashing is it fixable plz help

Anyone know who's route is getting covered this update?

Where can I find a devlog for this game if I paid for it on itch and not patreon? I'm seeing updates but since I bought the game through itch and not patreon I'm not getting any of the update logs.


I finally got to playing this, and every time I hit new game, it crashes. Anything I should do to fix this? (Android btw)

seeing alot of android problems.

I have a question  how much money someone get for a furry commission?🧐


Fucking shit tons. Someone once said the art world is controlled by art buffs and museum people and suspiciously rich furries. Also art takes forever to make because it has to be worth what you spend so the price has to match the effort+time the creator puts in so like usually a lot since it can days sometimes to create something or just a couple hours (even though a couple hours is still long as fuck when your doing work and the added detail of a couple hours usually being somewhere between like 10 hours to 15.)


Someone said this about 2 months ago and din't get a reply so guess  it's my turn. On day 12 during you session with the person of your choice a random White bear (Kao) comes into t he middle of the  scene and start telling you and the group what to do when i have not meet this white bear yet so maybe some  files or coding  went wrong. I found him in   all 4 of the session.  Hope it get fix soon so the story can make sense lol

steam, maybe?

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I want to play this game I have to buy it will there be a full game soon so I don't have to buy it?

Looks like version 35 is not correctly marked with platforms, and therefore isn't downloadable in the client. Any chance of a fix?

Deleted post

Guys , what NSFW scene available right now ? Did all character already have NSFW scene .


Rein and Julian have full NSFW scenes with CGs. Gear only has a text-only one. Grizz has nothing besides a scene that gets interrupted before it starts.


I have a Mac and I still can't play this game. it won't open. I haven't ben able to play in a long time. how can I get it to play?


open terminal past "sudo chmod -R 755 "  and drag the app on terminal

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