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I'm having issues on Android vversion

This black blur always happen when i finish the tutorial

what are the controls on this game can anyone tell me plz

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Um I just want to ask you would kindly GIVE ME A HINT! on that riddle Im trying so hard to find clues 

Happy i'm not the only person at that point. XD

I've enjoyed the game so far it seems like it has an intresting story behind it and some really nice art

keep up the wonderful work uncommon Breed team  

Thanks for the support!

How long is the game right now? 

I wish this game is available on steam(w/ Android version)


i wish it is free 


Having issues loading saved data, i have had to restart a few times already.  Also hearts don't display during combat to give characters that extra boost.  Using android version.

Havung the same issue also on Android.  Saved files cannot load. 


Really cool but i wanna see more nudity ! :3

the pointer seems off, i cant click the right item i need, i'm using the os version

So after the tutorial fight, I'm stuck on the loading screen..

Unable to target Lumo using the Player's Death Smoke. I cant advance further into the story :(


Unable to target Lumo using the Player's Death Smoke. I cant advance further into the story :(


Is it already updated when I reinstall it? Or do I have to download the update somehow?

5.0 has an issue, for the first battle against "Stranger" only Gear is in the party. Reinhard and Grizz aren't there, so because Gear is by himself he dies in two hits and its game over.

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Question, are there NSFW/18+ scenes in the game or is it just sexy character sprites?

Hi, thank you so much for making this game right now. It's already pretty good. Keep it up! Haven't played through it completely yet but it's a lot better than last time I played it.

I download your game but I can’t get pass the loading screen when I just finish the  tutorial battle.

I'm having the same problem

do you have a guide for this game?

I tried using the mac version but for some reason when I do the battle tutorial  I am like frozen and screen is big.

so i just bought the game and as i went to play it, it would start and said i had an access violation in the crash report
I didnt know what to do so i downloaded the demo to see if that would work and it gave me the same prompt    
can someone tell me if im just being dumb or not XD

Loving the Progress this game has made so far, my only grip is sometimes the battles are abit tough but once you find the right combos it's great. now i'm stuck on day five, the text box isn't working no matter what i put in when you encounter the two figures and you're asked to answer something but it has to start with a p.  for whatever reason the game doesn't listen to what i input. and with little to no notice you can't really solve it. i wish there was a letter gear found in the chest he was looking for and got the shirts from just before the encounter but meh.  i've noticed that if i leave, clicking on the beer mug i'm able to go back to the pub but upon coming back the text no longer loads or anything so i guess a no win state? but meh anywho i hope this helps. 

...fix it...pls...

how complete is the game so far?

even if im 4.4.2 it force closes i already downloaded both files of android...

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my android version is 4.4.2

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pls add it to ur priority in fixing......or not i just need it to work pls...pls i dont know if it works on android sorry for the ignorance but is android related to samsung.................ok thx in advance cause im samsung so im asking...

Hi can you pls fix the problem on the part when i click play it always force closes...I already uninstall/reinstall it and im on my latest update when i looked up on settings...why?


So I was wondering, Is this game close to being complete and is there any chance we'll see it on Steam one day?

It crash alot on phone. Idk why..

I have a question what happens if but the game via PC but i want to play the game on my phone as well. Do i have to buy it twice ? 

Nah, it'll provide both download links. 

I stuck on first day, help


So I'm NOT gonna be able to play the whole game?!? Maybe I misread somethin but I thought the whole reason I paid 5 bucks was for the full game! Now I'm sad


So I am already up to day six where the main characters are stuck in some alternate world or something. Foxy byte says to stay tuned till more stuff is released..... please tell me that is not so and I can download something else to continue this ridiculously addicting game!!!!

awww that stinks that its not playable for mac anymore wish it still was it was pretty fun to play and the art and story was pretty interesting would liked to have kept playing it :(

i'm on the day 4 battle (right after choosing the player's class) with the two NPC's and can't seem to beat them. i'm lucky if i get through one but both of them have been impossible to conquer. maybe i missed something??


Its really very simple. Just use Juleon to heal your party and usenGrizz to shield him and other weak players. That's how I do it.

I'm having a lot of trouble doing this fight as well.  J is healing and Grizz is shielding J and anyone that gets dangerously low, but every fight ends with me dying because they AoE the entire team hard and I can't deal much damage.


I'm stuck on day 5 help

I attempted downloading your most recent file, Windows_UB_2.1 and my Norton immediately cancelled the download, saying "malicious download detected."

I never had problem with that when downloading the rest of your files. I am wondering if there is something wrong with your most recent file at this moment? Let me know! I've tried anything I could do to get that.


I reinstalled it and it worked for me. I had the same prob.

Deathstar25, I'm talking about downloading the file. >_>

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I downloaded the most recent file. I have Norton and it immediately cancelled the download, saying "malicious download detected. I redownloded it and it worked without a prob.

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OOF.... I had to check "Alternate Download Mode" to get the file downloaded.

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