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I have a Mac and I still can't play this game. it won't open. I haven't ben able to play in a long time. how can I get it to play?

Having started the game fresh a couple of months ago due to having formatted my PC (And forgotten to backup my old UB saves) I've stumbled on a pretty peculiar bug going through the routes again.

Basically, whenever I make it through some of the character-specific events on day 12, it skips forward through the story at the end of them. I've tested with both Rein's and Grizz's events, and both skip forward to a choice of pairing with any of the four main characters further into the story.

Am I the only one who's stumbled on this bug?

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does it accept currency from other countries as well except for USD like euros because I really want to download this game and I'm from Greece and we don't use USD

if you use paypal to buy the game, it will automatically convert the currency


I downloaded the mac 34 but I can't open the game, it says that I do not have permission to open the application despite having played other games on this computer and having no issues.


Whats the answer of Day5



Been playing this game for a few hours at a time, have had it only for 2 days, already know I'm hooked. The story is actually pretty good compared to some other VN's I've played.  Hopefully it gets more sprites for enemies,  I do like the battle system though. I hope this gets more sexy stuff in the future. (Keep up the nice work^)

It won't open at all on my Mac....

Hey, if it says  "You do not have permission to open" check out this link and follow guide:



I'm wondering  if you're game uncommon breed will come out on the steam 


does anyone knows P name I’m stuck on the riddle 


His name is Polar.


so is this dead cause that would be a waste of $6 -_-


No, if you go to the top of this page it should say "You Own This Uncommon Breed" and below that it should have a button that says download. From there it should take you to download page which the last update was 4 days ago. Usually this game updates at the end of the month or the beginning if running behind. 

Only sad thing is that the patch notes aren't updated here on itch and the twitter I believe was deleted so I usually go in blind now not knowing what was updated.


On top of that he barely does any content less than 3 minutes of content per month and still no cgs for 2 of the characters and the sex scenes are extremely short

Hey guys I downloaded the newest version but it didnt save my progress... Can anyone help me ?

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Yay 32


Wow I haven't been able to find much on this vn I'm really hoping it hasent been abandon

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Head to Discord. No wait Patreon.


is this game abandoned? twitter acc doesn't exist either

nope the updates for this  game usually comes at the end of the mouth or the beginning of the mouth you just have to be patient. i don't know why the twitter was deleted either 

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Fixed my issue by saving constantly( kinda, still crashes frequently), great game so far, btw is Gear and B currently big blocky black masses for everyone else on Android too or is it just me?

Hello! Does anyone have any idea on how to beat the 2 enemies (helping Gear find his Grandad part)? I can't seem to get past them no matter how hard I try.

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Grind in the tavern's optional dungeons. Or hit the fastforward button. Youll win even if your not supposed to.

Im a purist. I like to do under my own power. Just knock off the easy levels off & try it again.

I don't think I unlocked the optional dungeons yet, also, I'll go try hitting the fast forward button. Thanks!


How does the Pub part work? According to the game we are supposed to be able to go to the pub to initate conversation. Has that been implemented yet or is this going to be in a future version?


Android isn't working.

So there's a new update? What's been updated?

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For some reason vers. 30 doesn't show for download with the app, even tho i bought the game.

Edit : OK nevermind that vers. 31 works fine with the app


Oh for eff sakes


I've stated this before but I'm gonna do it again. Rein's sex scene was not ok. We as the main character literally took advantage of a sleeping rein and though it's fiction it's still rape and it shouldn't be portrayed in a positive light. If you are reading this devs please rewrite the scene to have rein wake up before anything sexual happens or have rein give the main character consent to touch him whenever prior to the scene. It's frankly creepy and deeply disturbing that everyone is just ok with a sex scene where we rape our potential love interest consent is important and even though this is a work of fiction and no one was hurt in the real world you should not be promoting this type of behavior. I love this visual novel and I want to see be great but as it stands I cannot support a work that displays such acts of nonconsensual touching and glorifies them. 


I'd like to add that waking up and being ok with it is not enough to justify taking advantage of him while he slept. we still entered into his room saw his sleeping and decided touch him inappropriately without his consent. It's following the same logic that " it's not rape if you like it"  which is a bullshit argument because yes it's still considered rape if you did not give prior consent no matter how much you enjoyed it.  taking advantage of someone who's drunk, high, asleep, or otherwise unable to properly give consent in a proper state of mind  is always wrong and frankly disgusting. 


I knew I was not the only one who felt somewhat weird about Rein's scene.


I have a Mac and when I try to open the game it says I don't have permission. How do I fix this?


Why does gear and grizz still not have a cg sex scene

Actually, will it be good to show what is new for every update patch?

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I'm quite disappointed in this game. First of all, a combat system was a bit boring. there are no tactics at all and all you have to do is just pressing some skills. Mostly, it doesn't bring up any interest nor will to play it. And the next problem is about NSFW scenes. I think they are just too plain. Now some might argue that those scenes are not important that much, but it's a game that officially informs containing sexual contents so why is it NOT important? Most people here are willing to play games with proper NSFW scenes, aren't they? 

Actually, the reasons that I have mentioned above could not be a problem at all IF this game was released for free. (Don't think me wrong. I'm not a user just begging for free games due to a shortage of cash. I spend my money whenever there are games that catch my attention.) It's $5.00 and I'm really sorry to say this but I think it's too much for this game. 

Although character images are great( a reason why I bought this game) and storylines are OKAY, but still, disadvantages are ruining those good aspects in this game. This game deserves to be better. I hope insufficient content in this game will be filled soon.

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can't open any files on Mac OS Big Sur...

[resolve/resolu | -ty kyosin- | explain see bellow/explication voir ci dessous]

OK on Mac OS Big Sur

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I try use "ORACLE VM VIRTUALBOX" (windows 10) for play with the Windows version on my Mac OS Big Sur

not work : error violation directx11 dll

not work on my MAC OS Mojave  10.14.3

I also have the same problem, but it says I don't have permission to open the application. I asked Apple for help and they said it had to do with the developer. I have had the same issue with other games, anybody know how to fix that?

So there is this code I use that usually works for when I see this pop up (the permission pop up not the error sadly). If you go to terminal type this "sudo chmod -R 755 Path to the app/file". For the path part just right click the main file, aka the file that holds the game inside, and hold the option key, from there where you usually see the copy command, it should say copy... as Pathname. After doing that just paste the pathname and click enter. It should then ask you to enter the password you use to enter your Mac and once you do that click enter again. And boom the game should now run, I would say this always work but I just recently tried it again on a different game but it didn't work, however this game did work for me when I did this. So hopefully this helps you guys to play this game 

Side note: don't copy the part of path to app/file that should be replaced by the pathname you copy.  Otherwise copy the part before that.

I was trying it out but I am not sure how to do it properly, are you able to post pictures step by step?


So this should be the first part within the terminal app. copy this part exactly the same as you see here. 

The final part of the code requires you to copy the file pathname. To do so, you go to the file of the game. which on Mac should "29mac", and right click the file and this should pop up. You want to pay attention to the section that says copy.

When this pops up, hold the option key on your keyboard and this should appear.

click on copy "29mac" as Pathname and from there paste it on the code after the 755. It should then ask you to type the password to your Mac and that should be it. Make sure you don't mess up the password as it doesn't show as you type it in terminal so it's quite easy to mess it up by accident.


Thank you so much Kyosin for the help! It didn't work for the, but it did for the new so thank you again for the assistance! :)

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[resolve | ty kyosin] (en français plus bas ;)))

open terminal past "sudo chmod -R 755 "  drag app on terminal and validate. type your password. launch  (don't put in trash ;)) go scécurité in setting and validate for open app.

(this app is on extern hdd donc no problem for use is not in repertory app ;))

so resolve and working on Mac OS big sur. ty kyosin :)


[resolu | merci kyosin]

ouvrir terminal coller "sudo chmod -R 755 "  prendre l'app la glisser dans terminal valider. taper son mot de passe. Puis lancer le jeu  (lui répondre comme toujours: non pas à la poubelle ;)) allez ensuite sécurité et confidentialité et validé l'ouverture de l'application.

(perso il se trouve sur un disque externe donc pas besoin de la mettre dans le rep app ;))

OK résolu et fonctionne sur Mac OS big sur. Merci kyosin :)

So dwmo works fine why can't I get android game?  Second query: or should I download all the files that where given?

So when can I play game on my phone bought it just now. Is there a player that let's me access zip extract and play?


Cant install on android 11 plz fix


Can't get it to install on Android 11 pixel 3.


What's new on Update 29?


Aww. No mac trial version ?


Any ideas why the new apk won't install for android 11?


I'm having this problem too, on a Pixel 4a with Android 11. Disappointed to have spent $5 on something I can't use.

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Anyone know why both versions of the Android demo closed themselves right after I put in my name? Just, screen went black and the app closed on its own.

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